Thou art Super, Woman!

As women, our nature is to nurture, and there is the tendency to give, repeatedly, to those nearest and dearest to us, yes or yes?

I love to give, but I sure do like to receive (and if your mind is straying into kinky-ville,!).

“Health is wealth!”….yes, yes, we’ve all heard this many a time. We know we have to eat better. We know we have to exercise. We know we have to be “healthy”-er. So, what’s stopping us?

A. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

B. Health is an inconvenience to my daily routine. Planning a good diet and working out is too much trouble and takes too much time.

C. ME? I can’t think about me? There are “more important” people in my life who I have to think about “first”.

….really the choices are endless.

Now in bringing this back around to my point of women as nurturers, let me tell you that “I just love that man” was created not only with the intention to give health to our mates, but to ourselves as well. Listen, we can’t ask that man of ours to eat better, exercise more, become “healthy”-er if we find that we are frequently missing, or skipping–be honest ladies,  a fitness class because ‘there are just not enough hours in a day.’ Nor does our eating itsy bitsy snacks throughout the day suffice as a meal, when we made sure he had breakfast (first meal), has his packed lunch (second meal), and will later have a proper dinner (third MEAL).

If we want to see healthier mates, we must become the models of change.  Tangent story, but relative enough, I read the most wonderful book, during my single days, called Calling In “The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas. The main idea is that to attract “The One” you must first become “The One”. Well it’s the same thing here, and in my case, the more he sees me attending yoga, making conscious decisions about the foods I eat, I see that he’s gone from dipping a toe into the ocean (of health) to jumping right on in. Thank the Good Lord!

Though we may be perceived as experts in multitasking, hence societal’s image of us as “Superwoman” (and yes we are both women and super), it is of the utmost importance that we take good care of ourselves, as we do with our mates.

What we receive, in doing so, is a slew of benefits as greater vitality, better relationships, and certainly, better health 😉


About I just love that man

Love and Health, my two favorite things. As a Plant-based Certified Nutrition Counselor and soon-to-be wife to 'that man' of mine, I bring my two loves together for one happy life!
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