Greens and beans are not the only things.

We’ve got this:

Green smoothies…..check!


Stocking our kitchen with veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains….check!

Remembering that Health goes beyond greens, beans, and all nutrient-dense things…..:

He: check!

Me:  (pause) “I’m sorry, repeat the last one…”

So, I’ve got this situation you see. It’s not bad. I just, hmm…., sometimes I need a reminder that well-being is not solely about the kale smoothie I had, or even the yoga class I just finished. I can’t preach about how healthy I am, nor how healthy he’s becoming, if I’m not working on the health of our relationship–which is just as much a part of the Wellness equation.

I invest a lot into studying nutrition, and then work continuously to make better choices in my food consumption.  This investment is a never-ending one, and that’s fine by me, but with a wedding fast approaching, I welcome a new focus (uh, MARRIAGE!) that I may pour as much heart and soul into.

My plan of action (in general terms):

Spend quality time. No cell at the dinner table! Date!

Be a supportive partner.

Share interests. Share chores. Share in the decision making and problem solving.

Communicate (I can’t expect him to be a mind reader–Darnit!)


Be affectionate (more hugs, the merrier)

Allow space.

“Would you please sign our Guest Book.”
(I welcome your tips on what “foods” will best “nourish” our MARRIAGE.)

“Thank you”







About I just love that man

Love and Health, my two favorite things. As a Plant-based Certified Nutrition Counselor and soon-to-be wife to 'that man' of mine, I bring my two loves together for one happy life!
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